Best Way to Close a Retail Store and carry out a Close Out Sale

If you came to this page expecting a bunch of corporate sounding talk, then you may be a little disappointed…

My name is Travis Walker, the founder of Retail Sales Pro and son of a Sam Walton disciple. My father used to work for Sam Walton before Wal-mart ever existed and, because of the decision he made to take what he learned from Mr. Walton and start his own retail stores, THAT is the reason you’re reading this right now.

In 1999, after nearly 20 years in business and starting 3 retail stores, he made the decision to close them and move on to the next chapter in his life.  He chose to hire a company to help him conduct a store closing sale, and what I witnessed made me sick to my stomach.  With a highly cookie cutter approach to the process, a nice, but unqualified “consultant”, and 6 weeks of marketing torture I watched my father hand this company money week after week with less than stellar results.

Having grown up around retail, I had a big heart for independent retailers, so I started to study the marketplace and what was available for store closing help.  After hundreds of hours of under the radar research and study I found that what this company had implemented was somewhat normal with the small handful of other companies that had any kind of presence in this field.

I decided then and there that too many retailers were getting hurt and many more would have to endure this same financial and emotional pain my father had to experience if I didn’t step up.  So in spring of 2000 I started what would eventually become RetailSalesPro.com to help independent retailers conduct EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE store closing sales, so they could more easily and peacefully transition to the next chapter of their lives.

I have a relentless focus on not only helping you maximize the value of your inventory and other business assets, but do so in a way that can provide you with the ability to walk away profitably and with your reputation in tact.

Unlike “the other guys” that offer a similar service, my systems have evolved over the years as technologies have evolved.  Today, in a concerted effort to minimize the marketing budgets of my clients while maximizing effectiveness, I utilize a healthy dose of social media, viral local marketing, savvy use of the Internet, and strategic direct response copy for print marketing to conduct store closing sales for my clients.

I also wrote a book titled Liquidation Secrets™ Revealed, which is a comprehensive, A-Z guide that defines precisely how to quickly, effectively, and profitably liquidate a retail inventory and assets with a professional store closing sale.

Specializing in the conversion and disposition of store inventory and assets to cash, my powerful marketing systems have been endorsed by the country’s #1 MOST celebrated retail industry veteran, Bill Glazer.

My view on marketing as it pertains to a store closing sale is simple: Simple and Innovative.

After generating over $6,000,000 dollars in sales for my clients over the years, my high impact sales & marketing strategies have been proven to work over and over again in many different retail environments AND around the world.

This means more traffic coming into your store with less marketing budget! And more traffic with less cost to attract it means more sales, and that means more profit for you, GUARANTEED!

So whether you have a small store in a rural area or a small chain of stores across a region, I can help you. 

Time is a precious commodity for you, so when we work together, I focus my energies on fully implementing the marketing and promotional systems you need in place for a super successful store closing sale all while educating you on it’s principles to maximize the value of not only your time, but also your business assets and profit.

My Promise

Because of everything I watched my father go through and because I understand what you’re likely going through now as you research your options for closing your store, I have developed custom consulting programs to fit your unique situation and financial situation.   

Look at me as your Retail Sales Pro; your marketing partner; your “Ace in the hole”. My goal is help you get where you want to be, have the lifestyle you want to have, and maximize the return on your inventory and other business assets, then be able to peacefully, effectively, and profitably transition to the next chapter of your life. 

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