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Quitting Business with a Profitable Retirement Sale

Insights to the Retail Life Cycle

Understanding the Retail Industry Life Cycle and Quitting Business Strategically Retail Life Cycle In fact, if facilitated correctly, it can actually be more profitable than selling as an ongoing business, but also more rewarding. All businesses – for a variety of reasons – will eventually come to the end of their retail life cycle. The …

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Small Business Liquidation Services

How to close a failing business?

Business Liquidation can be the Perfect Exit Strategy for Closing or Selling a Failing Business Business Exit Strategy I’ve had many potential clients schedule a free, private consultation to discuss their failing business’s exit strategy with me. And it never ceases to amaze me the volume of people that are kicking the tires of a …

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Retail Disruption and how it impacts Retailers

Retail and digital disruption

Independent store owners need to know about retail and digital disruption As an expert in store liquidation sales that helps independent retailers form and execute the exit plan of their business, I know this lesson well. Take my client Marie, a sweet lady with a small natural foods store, realized that she was not prepared …

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Why you need a Liquidation Consultant

Hire the right Liquidation Consultants

Why you need a retail liquidation consultant to close your store? Retail Liquidation Consulting Service As a leading Liquidation Consultant, I’m always monitoring the retail climate, with an eye for the independent retailer and how it impacts them. My retail business consulting has been accordingly evolving over the years.   Customers are finding the ease …

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Things Independent Retailers should be aware of

Talk of retail recession

The struggles Independent store owners are facing in the new normal The gulf between the businesses showing a profit and those losing money daily is expected to widen dramatically. Companies like Target, Walmart, Lowes and Dollar General that most times are in direct competition with Independent stores have been posting great profits and will be …

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Independent Hardware Store Closing

Ace Is Making Sweeping Changes That Will Impact Every Independent Hardware Store Across The Nation

Independent Hardware Stores Closing due to massive dip in sales One of the biggest giants in the hardware store space Ace, is making sweeping changes that will impact every independent hardware store across the nation. “We’re shifting our strategy to meet customer demand.” These customers are demanding innovation and lots of “hands on” treatment from …

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The Exit Strategy Solution Independent Retailers Need

Retail business exit strategy

How to hire a Store Closing Sale Consultant? A professionally conducted high impact sale event has proven to be the most effective exit strategy to convert inventory and assets to cash. The problem with this method is finding a company that is able to pull it off successfully. I’m proud to say that my company, …

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