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Going Out of Business

Quitting Business with a Profitable Retirement Sale

Retail Industry’s Life Cycle

Sell business and retire? Read more about the Retail Life Cycle and Quitting Business with a Profitable Retirement Sale​ In fact, if facilitated correctly, it can actually be more profitable than selling as an ongoing business, but also more rewarding. All businesses – for a variety of reasons – will eventually come to the end …

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Retail Business Exit Strategy

Retail Business Exit Strategies

Know About Effective Retail Business Exit Strategy and a Profitable Closing Liquidation It’s probably a fair assumption that since your reading this article, one or more of the following is applicable to you, a small retail business owner. You’re broke. You’re on the way to being broke. Need more cash flow. Your business is dying. …

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Payroll Tsunami what it means to Independent Retail Owners

The “Payroll Tsunami”

The “Payroll Tsunami” and what it means to Independent Retail Owners? Click on the Book to Know More About it If you have already felt these drastic effects in your business and are thinking about closing your business, then I can help. I am a Retail Sales PRO and I can help you before the …

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