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Quitting Business with a Profitable Retirement Sale

Retail Industry’s Life Cycle

Insights about the Retail Industry Life Cycle and Quitting Business Strategically In fact, if facilitated correctly, it can actually be more profitable than selling as an ongoing business, but also more rewarding. All businesses – for a variety of reasons – will eventually come to the end of their life cycle. The reality is someday …

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Why Malls Closing in US

Malls and Retail Dying

“I Am In A Mall That Is Dying”: Is this The Future For Independent Retailers? “I am in a mall that is dying. For the last couple of years my sales have been ok but it’s time to move on.” That was the first thing that my client Mark, a store owner in a mall …

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Things Independent Retailers should be aware of

Talk of Recession Looms

The struggles Independent store owners are facing in the changed times The gulf between the businesses showing a profit and those losing money daily is expected to widen dramatically. Companies like Target, Walmart, Lowes and Dollar General that most times are in direct competition with Independent stores have been posting great profits and will be …

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