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Selling Store Fixtures and Business Equipment for Maximum Profit during a Retail Store Going out of Business Sale

Selling store fixtures and business equipment

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When a retailer decides that the store is closing, one of the first and biggest concerns that he or she has after selling the merchandise is selling the used fixtures and equipment.

  • How to get rid of these is a dilemma for many retailers that have decided to have a retail store closing sale, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • There are also ways to maximize profit on selling store fixtures and business equipment during a closing sale.
  • Meaning just as there are ways to maximize profit on the remaining inventory that also must be sold.

There are several methods that can be utilized to make sure that the used fixtures, fittings, displays, furniture and rest of the equipment sell just as well as the inventory during the store closeout.

Going out of business sale or selling a retail store involves liquidation of business/store fixtures, used retail equipment and knowing where or how to do it.

How to have a Going out of Business Sale
Liquidate used retail store fixtures

However, these methods must be used correctly and the retailer must understand their functions in order to make the most of them.

The main problem that retailers run into, however, is disillusionment.

In other words, they believe that their fixtures are worth much more than what they really are.

In some cases the retailer is expecting to get back the entire amount that they paid for them – and this is often not the case.

If the fixtures were bought brand new, they cannot be expected to sell for the same price used.

Even if the fixtures were purchased used, they have been in the retailer’s store for a period of time and have depreciated even further.

The retailer cannot realistically expect to get back what he or she paid for equipment and fixtures originally.

Planning a Going Out of Business Sale? Just imagine your store when you start

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With long lines of customers and minimal discounts

And looking like this after your big liquidation sale is over - also selling off retail fixtures

Store Liquidation
Retail Store Fixtures and Equipment Liquidation

The Most Profitable, and Planned Way To Sell Store Inventory and Fixtures And Close Down Your Store

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Once a retailer comes to the understanding, the retailer will also realize that there is still some money to be made if sold correctly.

Being realistic and setting a fair price for the fixtures, as well as being willing to negotiate, is very important when it comes to getting the fixtures sold.

Selling them for a fair price while also arranging for them to be available for the duration of the sale before they are moved to their new home is critical.

This flexibility is what a lot of retailers lack.

When they take this stance they suffer with low offers on their fixtures from very few people, or they refuse to come down to a lower price and so are stuck with the fixtures when the sale is over.

Many think that the merchandise has the biggest profits and lose the focus on the dollars that could be generated with the equipment and fixtures.

As upsetting as this is for a retailer, it can all be avoided by making sure that the largest number of people see that the fixtures are indeed for sale and for a reasonable price right from the start.

This will result in the highest and largest number of offers, which will greatly help the retailer sell his or her store fixtures quickly.

If receiving top dollar for the fixtures is important, advertising them effectively and negotiation is critical.

There are several ways to advertise store fixtures and equipment.

Naturally, local advertising is just as important as regional or wider advertising.

It’s not likely that someone is going to come from halfway across the country to buy your store’s fixtures, so you want to make sure that everyone around your local area knows that these are part of the sale.

There are many good ways to do that, including direct mailing and newspaper advertising.

Generally, anywhere the inventory and store closing sale is advertised, the fact that the fixtures and equipment are for sale should also be clearly mentioned.

This alone could be the reason someone decides to come into the store for the sale.

In addition to providing this information to local customers via newspaper advertising and direct mailing, savvy retailers that are trying to see strong profits on equipment and fixtures during a store closing sale would benefit from press releases and internet advertising.

These allow the retailer to showcase his or her store equipment and fixtures to a much wider audience and help the retailer to attain top dollar.

All the money in a retail store closing sale is most certainly not in the merchandise alone.

Big profit can come in the correct advertising and selling of the store fixtures and equipment right from the start of the sale.