Many Businesses are Going Under or Failing and Closing it the wrong way?

Retailers failing and Closing Shops, doing it the wrong way

Business going under or failing – it’s not only because of things like a bad location.

It is mostly due to changed retail environment.

  • It’s definitely easier WITH a great location with high organic traffic, but not the reason most retailers fail.
  • It’s not because of anything but bad decisions and lack of the right knowledge.

For example, most retailers think the best thing to do when they decide to send out a direct mail piece is to find a graphic designer, then after it’s “designed” send it off the mail house to send out.

This would qualify as both a bad decision AND lack of knowledge.


Because designers are trained to…design.

Not write compelling sales copy.

They are not trained to create a design that has psychological triggers that not only stand out, but literally LURE people into their stores. So you need the right kind of help.

So the answer to this conundrum is simple:

You either learn how to write compelling copy, then give the copy to your designer to work around it, then send it to the mail house to send out to those in your area…


You hire a separate person TRAINED in sales copy to write the copy for the direct mail piece, then follow on with the rest of the process like above.

It’s true that little hinges swing big doors.

So if you plan to Close properly imagine your store looking like this

Image of Retail Liquidation in process

With long lines of customers and minimal discounts

And looking like this after the Big sale is over with max Profits

Image of Store Liquidation

So what are you waiting on?

Your business will not stand out from the crowd if you don’t swing the pendulum in your direction by making better decisions and gaining the right knowledge.

Direct mail is IMPERATIVE to growing a retail business…

But it must be done with a rock solid game plan backing it up.

What does this mean?

It means, you MUST tie the direct mail campaign to your social media and to a tool that will COLLECT their email address, so you can follow up with them on auto pilot…
or darn close to it.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Scroll this page and you’ll find posts about basic nuances of a successful direct mail piece.

But in the copy lead people to a very specific webpage that you build or have built that is ONLY for this one thing…

And that one thing is to collect their email address.

So think about what gets you to GIVE someone your email address voluntarily…

It’s almost always because they are offering something to you of value or perceived value in exchange for it, right?

For you this could be a discount on their next purchase, a coupon, an invite to a customer appreciation event your having, or any number of things.

2. Get a tool such as Aweber or Constant Contact and have it integrated into this unique page you built above.

Then upon your excited new customer providing you with their email address, it goes into a nifty little database that you can use over and over until they ask you to stop (don’t abuse this privilege, but do send email out regularly for best effectiveness).

The next page that shows up for them is what’s called a Thank You page, which in simple terms is just…the next page after they provide their email address.

On this page you can provide any information you want.

But you don’t want to provide just anything…

Remember, you just got them reciprocate with you.

You offered value, so they gave you their email address.

Law of reciprocity.

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