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If you've lost a lot of customers to the online wave, you need to act now

Most independent retailers never stop to think about an exit strategy when they START their businesses.

But it’s a very important step to know or at least have an idea about early on because there are many more options available than just trying to sell a failing business in distress.

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Selling a business or liquidating it are potential exit strategies, essentially having the same result – on the surface.

When you peel the onion back a bit, you’ll uncover some questions and potential outcomes you’ve never likely considered until now.

Which is why understanding what liquidation consultants do and the marketing processes they use are as important to know as how to effectively sell your business.

Assuming that’s even a realistic option for you.

The most common method associated with getting out of retail and going out of business is to try and sell it, but in most instances this is not feasible.

And the reasons for this many:

  • Heirs often don’t want it, so they are out.
  • Finding a qualified buyer can be time consuming and challenging.
  • Even if you found a qualified buyer, the likelihood of getting them to pay you what you paid for the inventory and assets is essentially zero.
  • Months and months (if not years) could go by.
  • If you don’t have a mailing list or contact list that you have maintained a relationship with (your customers) then the value is even less.
  • If you are not generating a lot of revenue then the value is even less.
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And I could go on and on and on.

Over the last 20+ years of facilitating and conducting professional store closing sales events for clients in 23+ retail categories I have had preliminary marketing consultations with more prospective clients than I can count.

When they tell me they are going to try to sell their business instead of having a professionally conducted retail sale anyway. I feel bad for them because I know what they are likely going to experience more often than not.

I also know what they would experience if they were to just lean on my experience over more than two decades.

Can only assume that the reason some retailers steadfastly believe they can find a qualified buyer and sell their inventory and assets for more than a professionally conducted going out of business sale – is ego or pride.

Don’t mean that in a negative way.

Simply, I think those retailers seem to see a STORE CLOSING SALE or a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE as a life failure.

When in fact it can not only be a major win, but also a highly profitable success – when done correctly.

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Liquidation Consultants understand marketing processes, consumer psychology, and how to create scarcity as well as fear of loss when conducting a store closing sale.

Which is why when facilitated correctly it can be quite profitable for the retailer, and can also be accomplished over a period of several weeks.

Quite frankly it is the most profitable exit strategy for independent retailers.

I’ve proven that over and over and over again all across the United States and Canada over the last two decades with DOZENS of retail category sales conducted and TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in retail sales generated for my clients.

You’re on this page right now likely because you’re searching for the best independent retail marketing consultant to help you OR because you’re researching exit strategy options for your retail store or your retirement sale.

If you’re searching for a liquidation expert, then you’ve found the #1 most respected one right here.

Remember, I offer free, discreet consultations (Value $495) and after our consultation if it’s not a good fit I’ll tell you that.

Further, I will even give you the names and numbers other firms in this space (ask them to do the same…they WON’T). Why would I do this?

Because I’m different from everyone else in the market, and I’ve spent the last 20+ years perfecting a liquidation system that’s been endorsed by the world’s #1 most celebrated retail expert, Bill Glazer.

They are systems that I customize for each situation, but the results are almost always about the same: HUGE PROFITS for my clients.

Liquidation consultants vary in experience, vary in cost, and vary in marketing processes they use.

You get ONE shot at conducting a successful store closing or going out of business sale.

I help you make that one shot, count.