Get out of Retail

Lessons I’ve Learned From Conducting “Going Out Of Business Sales” For Retailers Around The World

It’s an interesting dichotomy: you start a business because you’re passionate about freedom, but then that’s the last thing you get in most cases because the business ends up owning you. It ends up being a low paid job in most cases with very long hours.
For some it takes a few years, for others a decade or more, but for most there comes a time when the dreaded decision of whether to try and sell or simply conduct a going out of business sale is the best option.
Being passionate about the business you’re in is one thing, but when it comes to maintaining and growing it you have to dig deeper than mere passion. You have to figure out how to find and keep customers coming into your store if you want to make any money.
My father used to work directly for Sam Walton before Wal-mart ever existed, then decided later to start his own chain of retail stores which he ran for almost 2 decades, which is quite a record for any business, let alone a retailer.
The reason he finally decided to conduct a going out of business sale instead of trying to sell it as an ongoing business is because it was losing money. It’s hard to sell a business for any kind of profit when it’s been losing money.
So the search began for a going out of business consultant to help with the process, and after sorting through many he finally chose one because they were cheaper than the rest.
As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for!”, and that’s exactly what he got.
He learned hard and fast that knowing how to close a store is one thing, but knowing how to close a retail store effectively is quite another story.
I saw this pain and financial loss he suffered and decided to start a company that provided store closing services to independent retailers, but with a much stronger emphasis on MARKETING and marketing systems rather than sending out unqualified consultants to hang out and look important.
I’ve since helped dozens of independent retailers from all over the world liquidate their inventories and assets for PROFIT!
Systems and processes are what create sustained success during a going out of business sale. The result of not having systems and processes in place for retailers? Becoming a statistic and going out of business.
I “love” helping retailers facilitate the marketing and promotion necessary to effectively and profitably liquidate their assets and inventory with the latest technologies, but it all starts with processes and systems.
One of my biggest goals in life is to help struggling independent retailers in truly understanding the liquidation sale process, so they can embrace it as a positive and profitable thing instead of a negative, embarrassing, and unprofitable thing.