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Know what a successful liquidation sale means, how retail liquidator companies work and run store liquidation sales

Just imagine your store looking like this

Store Going Out of Business Sale

With long lines of customers and minimal discounts

Best Liquidation Companies

And looking like this after your Closing Retail Store is over

Store Sale Liquidation

Conducting Business Liquidation Sales on your own would likely prove to be a costly mistake because it’s like running a second business.

Hiring the best Retail Liquidation Company for your Retail Store Closing

Without a trusted retail store liquidation company, implementing the wrong marketing process could be costlier…and you could ruin your reputation in the process by hiring store liquidators companies who may not have the requisite skills nor the experience.

You get ONE SHOT at an effective store closing liquidation sale. One. Make that shot count with the help of expert retail store liquidators and a strong liquidation exit strategy.

And like for everything else Time Matters.

To get the best results you’d want to run the sale before others around you, so decide now or see others pull it off when it was infact your time.

Again just imagine your store looking like this

Retail Liquidators

With long lines of customers and minimal discounts

And looking like this after your retail liquidation sale is over

Store Liquidation Sale

After watching the case study videos above you must have gained some very valuable insights as to why the sharpest independent retailers choose Retail Sales PRO to conduct their retail store closing liquidation sale.

If “how to liquidate a business” is what you have been thinking about then you deserve the BEST, right?

With Retail Sales PRO your Store Closing Sale will be fully facilitated and promoted with impeccable professional expertise, so your reputation in the community remains in tact and strong!

I‘ll ensure you have a successful going out of business sale and customize a solution utilizing a clever mix of digital social media and PR (to reduce your marketing budget) as well as clever use of traditional media for you to profitably close your retail store.

Get the ONLY store closing retail liquidation consultants endorsed by celebrated retail legends, so YOU have the comfort of knowing you’re working with the BEST retail liquidation company for your business closing sale!

Planning a Going Out of Business Or Retirement Sale?

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My highly customized-promotional system and quitting strategy ensures the most profit/money for you at each point during your Sale.


Convert your inventory and assets to cash quickly, efficiently, and professionally so you can more peacefully transition to the next chapter of your life…kind of best way forward…with best going out of business consultants.


Clever use of social media, the Internet, and efficient print media, by our retail business liquidators keeps your marketing budget to a minimum and your reputation in tact.

When you’re searching for retail liquidators it’s important to know that I have served independent retailers in this capacity for nearly 19 years in nearly EVERY RETAIL CATEGORY including:

Selling Apparel, Hardware, Furniture and Accessories, Art, Variety, Crafts, Liquor, Shoes, Electronics, Automotive, Clothing, General Merchandise, Sporting Goods, Toys, Home Decor, Wallpaper, Pets, Gifts, China, Jewelry, Makeup, Beauty, Boutiques, Baby, and many more!

Terry is a prime example of following instructions to the letter…

When we scheduled his private consultation, and I informed him what I could do and how I’d go about doing it.

I then instructed him to call ALL of my competitors, which he did.

He came back shortly later and informed me that the cost of my services were more than all of them. This was one of my most successful store closing sales ever and credited as one of the best way to liquidate a business.

Mary Ann had a very large western wear and feed store, and with rapidly declining sales and mounting debt her biggest concern was…

“How are we going to sell all this stuff?” Which business liquidation companies or business liquidators can help me?

She and her entire staff cooperated fully with all my advice, the Sale completed successfully.

and they were able to move on to the next chapter of their lives with pride.

Mark came to me with many fears including, “Is my store big enough?”, “What if this doesn’t work?”, “Will I be able to pay off my vendors?”, and more.

Although he had a very small sporting goods merchandise store in a dying shopping mall.

I was able to help liquidate everything to the bare walls, including fixtures.

He followed all my advice to the letter and let the system work FOR him.

This is a collection of several past clients from multiple retail categories…

The ONE common denominator in their success:

They followed my advice and suggestions – start to finish.

and walked away from their respective stores with PROFIT!

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