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How much do your services cost?

In short, our fees vary based on the unique circumstances. I don’t work off a grid. Schedule a free consultation with me, let’s talk openly about your situation, then we can discuss if it’s a good fit to work together. If we both feel it is, then we can discuss options based on that. All my consulting packages are customized because every situation is different. In short, if you’re price shopping or don’t mind a cookie cutter approach to your store closing sale, and if you don’t care if your consultant is qualified or not, then you’re better off with another provider. If you want the best, then that has a cost attached to it.
Unlike EVERY other provider or consultant out there, I will LISTEN to your needs and customize a plan that will put you in the best possible position to profit, maintain your reputation in the community, lower your advertising budget, and still afford to pay me.

How long will my Sale last?

The length of your Sale is determined by the size of your inventory, but for most stores will be less than 60 days, not counting preparation time from our offices.

How much advanced notice do you need to begin my Sale?

Preparation for a sale we conduct usually takes about 4-6 weeks. I know other service providers can get you “up and running” within a couple of weeks, but they will also charge you less for their services (you get what you pay for). My systems are unique because it involves sales letter composition, interviews with you, press release composition, print media design, Facebook sponsored ad design, digital media planning. I also thoroughly research your market, who the target needs to be, implementing your marketing budget, meeting with advertisers, and much, much more – it takes time to set all this up effectively.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! If you want hidden fees you’ll need to talk to the “other guys” who provide a similar service. They are notorious for having TONS of miscellaneous fees that are seldom [never] mentioned up front and tucked nicely away in the fine print of their agreements. My fees are comprehensive, inclusive, and simply stated in our work agreement. There will no additional charges other than what you know about up front.

What happens if the Sale doesn’t go well?

Then I’ll have no other choice but to charge you more (kidding). If you follow my advice this will not be a concern. The store closing sales my team and I have conducted for clients have always generated up to 175% return on cost. We often see retail sales AT LEAST double (and often tripled or more) during the first 4-5 days of a sale we conduct. For larger clients with a solid sales history (even if it’s currently declining), if your retail sales have not AT LEAST doubled during the first 4-5 days of your Sale, then you will have a written option to discontinue our services as part of my Double or Nothing Guarantee. NO ONE ELSE will offer such a guarantee! You will have to qualify for this program, but I will happily discuss details during a private consultation.

How many additional staff members will I need?

The size and layout of your store and the size of your current staff will determine how many additional staff members you need. This will all be determined after speaking with you about your circumstances and your project.

Why should I pick Retail Sales PRO over other similar service providers?

Because no one does what we do and how we do it. A Retail Sales Pro™ store closing sale will involve the latest in viral social technology, carefully and strategically written press releases, efficient digital marketing, and clever print media, all of which is designed to not only lower your marketing budget, but also maintain your reputation in the community and MAXIMIZE profit for you.
The biggest reason so many retailers come to us after contacting the “other guys” is because we don’t play games with you or your customers. This simply means with my proven systems you’ll never be asked to spend your hard earned money on thousands of dollars of prizes to give away during your Sale, you won’t be asked to mark and remark EVERY SINGLE WEEK, your merchandise, with “pretty little stickers”. This wastes valuable time and costs you even more money in supplies and help to do it. You could go with one of the “other guys”, but why would you?

How much will advertising cost me?

Our unique marketing systems that involve a lot of social media and digital technology will minimize the marketing expenses during your Sale, but as a general rule of thumb you can expect a cost of about 3%-15% of your inventory cost, depending on the size of your inventory. These costs will be clarified for you once we’ve discussed your circumstances in depth. Schedule a FREE private consultation today.

Are your fees negotiable?

Generally, no. As I have clarified on this website and profess openly to the world: “If you are looking for the “cheapest guy” or price shopping then you are absolutely better off going with the “other guys”. I do phone and email consulting, on site consulting, and hybrid consulting (on site AND phone/email) and for obvious reasons on site consulting is going to have a higher fee attached to it.
If price is your biggest concern (it really shouldn’t be no matter how “bad” you feel your circumstances are) then I suggest you purchase Liquidation Secrets Revealed, which is a comprehensive manual I wrote that breaks down…step-by-step…my liquidation process for those that want to take on a project themselves. This details every single component of what my team and I implement for our on site and hybrid clients, and I offer generous phone/email consulting packages to help guide you along the process from preparation to final clean up.
Additionally, I offer a 150% Guarantee, which simply means if you buy the digital manual, and then you think it’s too much to handle alone (not uncommon) then I’ll apply 150% of the price toward the consulting package we agree on.

Should I get more merchandise?

I have found that a well stocked store at the beginning almost always performs better than an understocked store, so my recommendation is to fill your shelves and racks with as much staple merchandise as you can. Staple meaning, “stuff” you sell regularly anyway and highly profitable items. You have to invest in the marketing anyway, so why not have a full selection for them to consider.

Do you have inventory requirements or minimums?

No. The “other guys” do though! If you have a smaller inventory call them and you can see for yourself. Just because you have a smaller inventory doesn’t mean you should be left out in the cold, so I purposely offer customized programs for all stores regardless of the size of your inventory. And that is why I have worked with retailers that have inventories ranging from less than $40,000 of inventory cost to over $1,000,000.

Do you offer a guarantee on your services?

Absolutely! We proudly offer a Double or Nothing Guarantee like no other (to qualifying clients). If our systems don’t perform like we claim, then we don’t expect you to continue. Get started…
And I also offer an unconditional guarantee on my digital manual Liquidation Secrets Revealed in case you’re “thinking”
you want to conduct your store closing sale on your own. If you purchase it, read it, then think it’s too much to handle,
then I’ll apply 150% of the cost toward the consulting package we agree to.

What happens if there’s merchandise left at the end of the Sale?

If you follow my advice, my Store Closing program will leave you with very little, if anything, left in your store when it’s completed AND significant profit, so you can peacefully transition to the next chapter of your life.

How do you go about selling my fixtures?

More often than not, because of the volume of traffic we’ll help drive into your store during one of our store closing sales, you’ll sell your fixtures, equipment, and store supplies organically to or through existing customers. However, we will be helping you monitor this during the sale and if need be we help you organize a strategic direct mail piece and digital campaign targeting business owners that will likely be interested in these items, thus insuring the sale of them.

How do I price fixtures?

I always suggest you provide us with the most accurate account you have for a value of these items, then I will suggest the current value of the items.

Will I need to buy prizes or other promotional items?

As a general rule, no. The “other guys” use prizes and frequent shopper games as a promotional tool which can cost you thousands of dollars in additional advertising budget expense. This is a complete waste of money. During the launch of your sale only I suggest you offer a Gift Certificate to your store, but only on the opening day of the Sale. My proven systems have NEVER revolved around any ongoing games or point systems. My focus is on helping you quickly re-establish a rock solid relationship with your old customers and establish at least a level of trust with brand new customers through creative marketing using viral social media, digital marketing, print media, and PR. How it works.

How much money will I need up front to begin working with Retail Sales PRO?

Depends on your unique circumstances. I take great pride in being your marketing partner and want to do everything I can to make working with me as simple and easy as possible because I know the strategies and systems I’ve created work better than any other out there. To secure my services, regardless of the type of consulting we agree is best for your unique circumstances, I ask that you pay up front for the initial direct mail piece used to HELP launch your Sale. This amount varies depending on the size of your inventory and your existing mailing list, and will be determined after our consultation call.

When is the best time to have my Store Closing Sale?

This is probably the best, yet trickiest, question of all I have ever been asked. With few exceptions the answer simply is “It just doesn’t matter” for the most part. Obviously, for most businesses you’re going to have a normally higher volume time of year, but a store closing sale is different and will attract people regardless of when you have the sale. If you find yourself with the mindset of “I’m going to wait until after ‘this season’ or ‘that season’ to have the Sale”, then most likely you are doing nothing more than prolonging your agony. My marketing systems work well with the flip of a switch. This will be discussed in depth during your initial consultation.

What kinds of stores do you have experience in?

I have worked in nearly every type of retail store imaginable. My systems are based on powerful and proven marketing strategies that work in any retail environment. See for yourself what some of my past clients have had to say here testimonials.

Have a question that’s still not answered? Get a free, no obligation [and private] consultation, so we can schedule a time to talk.