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I will contact you personally with you within 24 hours, depending on what time of day you completed the form. We will discuss your situation in further depth and determine if we are a good match to work together.  Please read this entire message RIGHT NOW in full. It’s important…


If you are price shopping for the cheapest service provider to help you with your Store Closing Sale, then I will tell you again right now that me and my company are NOT a good match to help you. If you want the best outcome, you’ve got to be willing to invest in the best.  

Either way, I strongly advise you to get a copy of my digital book I wrote called Liquidation Secrets Revealed, which is the ultimate guide on how to effectively and profitably liquidate a retail store and conduct a store closing sale, based on EVERYTHING I’ve learned and implemented for dozens of clients over nearly 20 years.

Get it, devour the content, and if you decide that it sounds a bit too overwhelming, then all you have to do is let me know and I’ll pay you back 150% of the cost toward any consulting we decide to do together.

Look, I take store closings very seriously…when my clients do what I suggest and let me do what I do best, we both win. You achieve fast cash and profit, I achieve a glowing testimonial.  Simple as that.

I’ve independent retailers like you from all around the world convert retail inventories and fixtures to high profit and FAST cash, so suffice it to say what I do, works! With a combination of advanced social media strategies, clever use of the Internet, and savvy direct response techniques I user in print media, your store closing sale is virtually guaranteed to be a success when you work with me.

**Ask one of my competitors how they utilize social media and the Internet to reduce your advertising budget and you’re likely going to hear crickets!

As a company, we’ve been in business for almost 2 decades. I’m very selective in the clients we choose to work with, and tend to work mostly with retailers that have positive attitudes who know and respect the value of a high quality service provider and is truly ready to work closely with one that gets results.

Each of my clients receives a custom sign kit for the inside and outside of your store, social media planning, PR, and all marketing and point-of-sale materials as part of the program.  You will directly with me for the duration of your Sales event. Many additional technical aspects of managing your Sale are taking place from our main offices, as well as satellite offices, where other members of my team help me “make the magic happen” for you.

I offer many different consulting packages to best suit YOUR needs that I establish after we talk.

The marketing principles we use as the foundation for each and every client’s unique circumstances are the driving force behind our advanced marketing systems. These systems are very advanced and work exceptionally well at not only generating huge amounts of anxious, ready-to-buy customers into your store, but also liquidating all or part of your inventory for abnormally high returns. This is done quickly, systematically, and efficiently.

My systems have been used to conduct Retail Liquidation and Store Closing Sales of all kinds for many different kinds of independent retailers who have inventory for their customers to shop for and purchase. While customized to each client, they are very systematic and will work with nearly any kind of retail store you may have, regardless of what you sell.

We do not pay for the marketing and advertising costs to promote your Sale. You do…

We facilitate, create, and manage the marketing and advertising FOR you while ensuring the specified and agreed upon marketing budget is not exceeded, usually about 3-15% of projected sales volume, depending upon each individual circumstance (ie, the size of your inventory and past sales history). This way YOU can focus on running your business.

We work TOGETHER to achieve the very BEST RESULTS!

It’s taken more than 20 years of retailing, marketing, studying, trial and error to hone my systems down to be highly effective for my clients. There is nothing in my systems that you could not do yourself if you take the time to educate yourself on all the facets of marketing and promotion for a specialized Sales event such as a Store Closing Sale.

The question is: Do you want to? I don’t advise it because facilitating and running an effective and PROFITABLE Store Closing Sale WHILE you are running your business is a MONUMENTAL task – and you only get one shot at getting this right.

However, if you think you may want to try, then I suggest getting a copy of my book, Liquidation Secrets™ Revealed, which is a step-by-step overview of the marketing systems and strategies I’ve developed and how you can conduct a powerful and profitable retail Liquidation or Store Closing Sale, quickly and for maximum profit, start to finish. It’s literally the A-Z guide with all the details of precisely what my team and I help you implement when consulting.

I held nothing back in this book, and my systems for closing a retail store have been endorsed by retail industry expert and author of the Best Selling book “Outrageous Advertising That’s Outrageously Successful”, Bill Glazer.

So if you still choose to be a renegade and do it yourself, then know that you have the only retail liquidation and store closing system to receive such an incredible endorsement.  And remember…I also offer phone and email consulting packages to support you on the project. Plus, if you decide after reading it that you want my help, then if it’s a good fit I’ll apply 150% of the cost toward a consulting agreement.

In the book, I cover everything from mindset to marketing to merchandising to permitting to selling fixtures, if you have them to sell. And everything in between. It’s a very powerful and engaging book available for immediate purchase and download. It’s a great read even if you plan on working with us, or even someone else, to conduct your Sale for you.

My team here at Retail Sales Pro™ works together and very closely with me for each and every client I decide to work with in order to create the most successful Store Closing Sale possible!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Travis Walker
Founder, Retail Sales Pro
Author, Liquidation SecretsRevealed