Retail Sales PRO Testimonials

“I wanted to get out of retailing billiard supplies and focus more on the wholesaling end of it since I had already designed my own, unique brand of tables. So, I started seeking different options that were out there for liquidating and closing my stores. Retail Sales PRO really helped me in ways I wasn’t sure they could. I was so pleased with the results of my Sales Event that after that store was closed I was able to spend more time overseas negotiating new deals for my wholesaling business. What they do and how they do it works.”

Billiard Supply Store Owner – Austin & Dallas Texas

“Your book Liquidation Secrets Revealed is well done and provides a substantial amount of very useful information — just the kind of details I need to organize and execute our store closing sale on our own. I’m glad I was able to hire you for a phone consulting package to help guide me along while I implemented your systems. You are definitely providing a much needed and greatly appreciated service for small retail store owners.”

Craft Store Owner – Grove City, Pennsylvania

“You guys have definitely got the traffic into the store, and I can’t believe how many sales we’ve generated in such a short time. Our sales have averaged almost 7 times more than normal consistently during my Store Closing Sale and I couldn’t be happier!”

Fine Gift Store Owner – Fort Worth, Texas

“I researched various liquidation and store closing companies for the most effective and efficient solution to close out our inventory, so I could concentrate on other issues with my business. With the Retail Sales PRO system we sold out our entire inventory as well as all our fixtures and store equipment at prices I didn’t think were possible.”

Party Supply Store Owner – White River Junction, Vermont

“I run a furniture gallery and had built up a lot of extra inventory, so I contacted Retail Sales PRO about helping me develop effective, yet quick, strategies to get rid of some of it. In my business I knew I needed some clever ways to get people into my store, and Travis did just that by utilizing the Internet, some creative advertising, and great in-store signage to help me liquidate all the excess inventory I had, for great profit PLUS many of these newfound customers have continued to come back time and time again.”

Furniture Gallery Owner – Dania Beach, Florida

“I wasn’t sure if we had what it took to conduct an effective Sale of this magnitude on our own, but after reading Liquidation Secrets Revealed I realized the only reason I felt that way was because I didn’t have any kind of “system” to implement. I knew we only had one shot to do this right or our customers may not come back. The book provided all the answers AND the confidence we needed to conduct our Store Closing Sale. We implemented every single thing the book suggested, and we sold everything in our store plus the fixtures in just over 5 weeks!”

Hardware Store Owner – Fort Dodge, Iowa

“With a dollar store in a small country town, we weren’t sure how effective a Store Closing Sale would be, but 6 weeks and a 110% return later we realized that a Store Closing Sale was the best option….thanks to Retail Sales PRO”.

Dollar Store Owner – Elba, Alabama

“This system works! I had almost a half million dollars worth of inventory in my store before my Sale started, and thanks to Travis and Retail Sales PRO, in six and a half weeks our sale generated almost $600,000 in revenue. That’s a 125% return, which was much more than I was expecting! I don’t know much about the Internet, but now I’m a bigger fan of it…this system used the Internet to promote my Sale in ways I didn’t know you could!”

Liquor Store Owner – Santa Cruz, California

We are proud of what we achieved when our clients asked for help on how to close down business and overall business liquidation auctions.