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Independent retailers like you want to know how to liquidate a business quickly and profitably to the bare walls.

Travis Walker, the Store Closing Expert




You may be concerned about what to do with your store right now ESPECIALY if you’ve been affected by aftermath from the pandemic.

More customers buying online, inability to get merchandise, employee layoffs, and much more!

Your sales are likely lagging or downright suffering as a result, and you’re pondering all your options.

Hi, I’m Travis Walker, founder of Retail Sales PRO, and for more than 20 years I have been helping independent retailers like you quickly and profitably convert inventories and assets to FAST CASH with structured retail sales.

As a retail business liquidation expert I will help you:

– Sell your inventory fast, efficiently, and profitably 

– Walk away with your head held high and with profit.

– Settle your debts so you can finally enjoy your life again as you venture into the next chapter.

Retail Sales PRO are the leading business liquidation specialists and have been in business for 22 years and counting because of the proven systems created by Founder Travis Walker – who’s generated well over $50,000,0000 in retail sales for his clients over that time.

And YES it is far more profitable and and faster for you to have a store closing sale than to “hope” you find a qualified buyer willing to pay even close to what you paid for your inventory and fixtures!

You get ONE SHOT at a successful store closing sale and I help you make that one shot, count.

Store before final store closing sale
Retail Liquidators
Store during going out of business sale
How to liquidate a business?
Liquidate a Business
Business after Liquidation Sale

It depends on the quality of your inventory mostly, so as long as you have maintained a good inventory and your margins are decent then most Retail Sales PRO clients end up with returns from a going out of business sale as high as 175% return of cost.

Yes, and Retail Sales PRO is the ONLY company offering this for independent retailers. This and many other things are discussed during a private consultation. 

It’s easy to think that this would be the case, but not true most of the time. The reason is because it takes valuable time to find a buyer, let alone a qualified one. You could waste months or even years trying to find a buyer only to find that if you do find one they won’t be willing to pay anywhere near cost for your inventory.

With a well facilitated store closing sale you can convert your inventory and assets for CASH quickly, often produce substantial profits for you, and it can all be done over the course of several weeks.

Fixtures are sold as part of the program, there should be very little (if anything) left at the end of a sale if you follow the Retail Sales PRO system, and all the rest is discussed with you on a private consultation.

Bottom line:  Retail Sales PRO has been in business for 22 years and counting because of the proven systems created by Founder Travis Walker who’s generated well over $50,000,0000 in retail sales for his clients over that time.


3:27 mins

“When I made the difficult decision to close my business I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Travis warned me our sales would be big. Wow, he didn’t lie! I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made going with Retail Sales PRO.”

Client John F

John F.

Former Owner,
Variety Stores (4)

4:06 mins

“From the moment I hired him -I can tell you- he has done everything, and even more, than what he told me he would be able to do. I would absolutely hire Retail Sales PRO again!”

Client Terry Maupin

Terry Maupin

Former Owner,
Furniture & Electronics Store

2:38 mins

“Hiring Travis and Retail Sales PRO was the best decision we ever made! I was stressed out during the entire process, but he gave me peace of mind. He took care of everything – start to finish!”

Client Mary Ann C

Mary Ann C.

Former Owner,
Western Wear & Farm Supply Store

3:12 mins

“I do not think that we could have executed a sale as successfully as we did with Travis at Retail Sales PRO.

I would HIGHLY recommend if you’re closing your store!”

Client Doug T

Doug T.

Former Owner,
Farm Supply Store

3:43 mins

“At first I thought I could do this all myself, but after seeing the entire process unfold I realized there was NO WAY I could have done this myself! The end result is this all exceeded my expectations!”

Client Brice H

Brice H.

Former Owner,
Art Supplies Store

6:59 mins

We had people lined up at least an hour before we opened, and there was nowhere for people to park.

They were wrapped all the way out to the street, and that line lasted the entire day.

Client Stacy


Former Owner,
Fabric Store

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