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I know this is a tough decision to even be THINKING of closing your store.  From almost 2 decades of experience in helping independent retailers like you facilitate and run fast, efficient, and PROFITABLE store closing sales, I KNOW with 100% certainty that you are in a much better position to profit with a properly conducted store closing sale than ANY other method....

Yes, including trying to sell your store as an ongoing business.‚Äč

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My advice to you is this:

Read the material thoroughly once, then scan through it again a second time so you get a REAL understanding of all that is involved with running an effective Store Closing Sale.  To run a sale like this is different than ANY other sales event you've ever conducted in the past, and to run your business WHILE conducting a store closing sale can be quite a challenge.

After reading the book a time or two and you think you may want some help or maybe a little coaching on some of the aspects then fill out this brief questionnaire and we can talk about it.  If I can help you in any way, I'll gladly apply 150% of the cost of the ebook toward any of our consulting packages.