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What business strategy can work for Store selling or closing?

A properly facilitated store closing sale can generate MORE PROFIT for you than selling your retail business outright with a LOT less hassle.

You get only ONE SHOT at a successful store closing sale. Make your one shot COUNT like so many other retailers have…

Store before final store closing sale
Thinking of selling or liquidating your store?
Store during going out of business sale
Powerful marketing strategy to get hordes of customers to your store
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Highest Returns from a Store Closing Sale

“When NO OTHER consultant or company in this field offers a 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE for their services, then why on earth would I offer it?

It’s because of my 20+ year track record of DOCUMENTED success with store closing systems I’ve created that have been fully endorsed by CELEBRATED RETAIL EXPERTS! 

It’s also because I have successfully implemented these same store closing systems with DOZENS of retailers in 23 different retail categories and from around the world helping them generate over $50,000,000 in sales.”

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RETAIL MARKETING SECRETS and Strategies that have generated more than $50,000,000 in retail sales for DOZENS of retailers over more than TWO DECADES!

150% Risk Free Guarantee...(See video)

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“When I made the difficult decision to close my business I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Travis warned me our sales would be big. Wow, he didn’t lie! I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made going with Retail Sales PRO.”

Client John F

John F.

Former Owner,
Variety Stores (4)

4:06 mins

“From the moment I hired him -I can tell you- he has done everything, and even more, than what he told me he would be able to do. I would absolutely hire Retail Sales PRO again!”

Client Terry Maupin

Terry Maupin

Former Owner,
Furniture & Electronics Store

2:38 mins

“Hiring Travis and Retail Sales PRO was the best decision we ever made! I was stressed out during the entire process, but he gave me peace of mind. He took care of everything – start to finish!”

Client Mary Ann C

Mary Ann C.

Former Owner,
Western Wear & Farm Supply Store

3:12 mins

“I do not think that we could have executed a sale as successfully as we did with Travis at Retail Sales PRO.

I would HIGHLY recommend if you’re closing your store!”

Client Doug T

Doug T.

Former Owner,
Farm Supply Store

3:43 mins

“At first I thought I could do this all myself, but after seeing the entire process unfold I realized there was NO WAY I could have done this myself! The end result is this all exceeded my expectations!”

Client Brice H

Brice H.

Former Owner,
Art Supplies Store

6:59 mins

We had people lined up at least an hour before we opened, and there was nowhere for people to park.

They were wrapped all the way out to the street, and that line lasted the entire day.

Client Stacy


Former Owner,
Fabric Store

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If your marketing strategy includes the desire to PROFITABLY convert your inventory and assets to FAST CASH, then a STORE CLOSING SALE is 100% your best shot!

Schedule a FREE, discreet, consultation with me now ($495 VALUE)! No obligation. I’ll assess your unique circumstances and see how I can help you. If it’s a good fit -and if you’re ready to go- we can map out a game plan!

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