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You Get ONE SHOT At Going Out Of Business. Make It Count With A Retail Sales PRO!

We Are Trusted Retail Liquidation Consultant with a Seamless Track Record, to get you Top Results And FAST Cash!​ (All communications kept 100% confidential)

(All communications kept 100% confidential)
Going Out Of Business Consultants

Convert your inventory and assets to CASH quickly, efficiently, and profitably with a unique, proven marketing and promotion system that NO ONE else in the marketplace offers...We will tell you the most successful way of how to go out of business.

You deserve the BEST, right?  With Retail Sales PRO your Store Closing Down Sale will be successfully facilitated and promoted with the professionalism you want, so your reputation in the community remains in tact and strong! We are your going out of business consultants and business liquidators. The reputation management experts for you. Get your exit strategy consulting with us and go out of business retail gracefully.

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What Sets Us Apart as Retail Liquidation Consultants?

Simply put: you'll be treated with the respect you deserve!

Here you can rest assured
your Store Closing Sale will be facilitated and promoted with the utmost of professionalism, so your reputation in the community remains in tact and strong (sometimes its simply retirement sales).. We get you professional steps on how to go out of business retail and do the end to end and a very successful run of your business sale.

And with Retail Sales Pro there will be no games with your customers, no minimum inventory requirements, no forced onsite consultation to "evaluate your inventory", no antiquated marketing strategies, and most importantly, We serve small to big businesses. NO HIDDEN COSTS.

I strategize with you during a free consultation, then craft a custom plan and checklist for your situation. My team and I utilize a clever mix of social media, online digital marketing, PR, and print media (we let you know what kind of sign or banners to be used) to lower your marketing budget and create the most profit for you! Then we get to work to help you implement it!

Helping you selling your business (assets, general merchandize, stock, shelves and fixtures too) at RETAIL prices like you should and eliminate any debt in the what we help you do. If you've decided it's time to quit business, with us you get the perfect exit strategy and retail liquidation clearance plan (and if you're thinking of bankruptcy, we'll work with trustees as well).

You can also purchase my widely acclaimed book, Liquidation Secrets Revealed, which details the exact process and tools we take clients through to help them implement and facilitate a fast, efficient and wildly profitable Store Closing Sale! Also we can help you identify the signs which can indicate that whether you should or should not go for a shop closure decision. And we help you ascertain the sale value of the company assets so you know exactly how you are placed.

After reading it, if you would still like help, then let me know and I'll gladly apply 150% of the purchase price to one of my consulting packages.

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Store Closing Secrets

7 Critical Factors You MUST Know To Avoid Losing Money And Ruining Your Reputation!

$147 Now ONLY $97 - LIMITED TIME (1200+ already sold)

Expect and GET More with Retail Sales PRO

Buy Liquidation Secrets Revealed


Convert your inventory and assets to cash quickly, efficiently, and professionally so you can more peacefully transition to the next chapter of your life...


Our strategic -and highly customized- promotional system and strategic discounting ensures the most profit for you at each point during your Sale...


Clever use of social media, the Internet, and efficient print media keeps your marketing budget to a minimum and your reputation in tact...

Getting Started Is Simple And EASY!  

How to Do It :  "The Ultimate Store Closing Guide", Liquidation Secrets Revealed!

It's not easy making the decision to close your store.  I get that.  

That's why I wrote this book, based on nearly 20 years of "in the trenches" work with independent retailers just like you who are ready to close their company, but want to understand the process first.

My name is Travis Walker, and I literally grew up in retail.  My father used to work for Sam Walton before Wal-Mart ever existed, so I've always proudly called myself the "Son of a Sam Walton Disciple.

After watching what happened when my father chose one of "the other guys" when he decided to close his stores after almost 20 years, I decided I had to stand up and fight, so I became a direct consultant for retailers in the same situation.

So my book, Liquidation Secrets Revealed, is the cumulative knowledge I've gained over almost 2 decades of helping independent retailers like you efficiently, quickly, and profitably close their stores, while maintaining their reputation.

This book goes into explicit detail, step-by-step, A-Z on the exact STORE CLOSING processes I continue to implement for clients to this day!

$147 Now ONLY $97 - LIMITED TIME (1200+ already sold)

Expect and GET More with Retail Sales PRO

Buy Liquidation Secrets Revealed


  • Up Front & Transparent Liquidators
  • Honest Phone Conversation
  • Strategic Discounting
  • Work Directly With Me
  • Viral Social Media
  • Liquidation Secrets eBook
  • Custom Methods/Retirement Sales
  • Reputation Management Experts
  • NO Inventory Requirements
  • Effective Budgeting
  • Custom Charting System

"The Other Guys"

  • Hidden Costs
  • Forced Consultation
  • Cheesy Expensive Games
  • Unqualified Consultants
  • Antiquated Print
  • No "Do-It-Yourself" Option
  • Cookie Cutter Methods
  • Why Bother?
  • High Inventory Requirements
  • Ineffective Budgeting
  • Weekly Re-tagging

Before you decide on how to go about closing off your retail store, I STRONGLY encourage everyone to contact all "the other guys". These consultants won't encourage you to contact me, or anyone else for that matter.

Some will even try to sell you on a "power" retail system, but there is ONLY ONE Retail Sales PRO specializing exclusively in Store Closing Liquidating Sales events to get real returns for independent retailers just like you.

Don't be fooled by the "other guys" who try to be everything to everyone...who try their best to look big and corporate, thinking that's a good thing. And near you is just not a criteria and let bidding decide is not wise idea either.

You get ONE SHOT at a Store Closing Sale. One. So you need to make it count by making sure you understand what is going to put you in the best possible position for the success you want from closing the store liquidator auction. is clearly the best answer...

And I'm sure by now you are already looking back on your decision to invest a little more for the BEST as one of the most gratifying moments of your life. We are your one stop expert store closing sales consultants, getting you ROI at this stage too, my website has everything you need to help you decide.

We have served clients liquidate nearly EVERY RETAIL INDUSTRY including: selling Hardware, Furniture and Accessories, Art items, Variety, Crafts, Liquor, Apparel, Shoes, Electronics, Automotive, Clothing, General Merchandize, Sporting Goods shops, Toys, Home Decor, Wallpaper, Pet Store, Bulk Gifts, China, Jewelry, Makeup, Beauty products, Boutiques, Baby Store, Factory, Salvage Auctions, Warehouse clearance, Local Wholesale, Departmental and many more!

Learn more about my background and how Retail Sales PRO services began.  

What sets our company Retail Sales PRO apart from "the other guys"? See for yourself right here...​