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Checklist and steps for closing a business successfully

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Business closing checklist

My book Liquidation Secrets Revealed is a consistently updated collection of marketing tips and promotion principles that I’ve personally uncovered over my years of being in the retail business with my family.

I’m not talking about the basics here.

Literally EVERYTHING a retailer needs to know about marketing, merchandising, and salesmanship to successfully facilitate and conduct a profitable Business Closing Down Sale that generates TONS of new traffic and revives old traffic!

All the latest techniques and exit strategies, including how to fully utilize Facebook and Social Media to create viral traffic, which reduces your overall advertising budget.

How to build or compile the right mailing list for your initial direct mail piece, specific press release tips and things to consider.

And how to get local media to pick up the story, email and other digital marketing for your shutting down sale.

The plan to have a successful business closeout starts with a proper retail store closing checklist and procedures.

See below the video of a very profitable business closing sale

Things to consider when closing a business

even if you don’t know a thing about computers or the Internet.

It’s all right here in the book (more of a manual because it goes into such depth)!

With me you get answers to all your questions and I even cover many of the initial checkpoints for business closing.

And more, there’s a comprehensive business closing checklist perfected over the years.

20+ years of experience in conducting retail store closing sales has taught that it just doesn’t matter what you sell.

All that matters is how you go about selling it.

If you are price shopping for the cheapest service provider to help you with your Business Closing, then I will tell you right now that me and my company are NOT a good match to help you.

Liquidation Secrets Revealed Book
Checklist for Closing Down a Business
Store Going Out of Business Sale
Things to consider when closing a business
Best Business Liquidation Company
Business closeout process
Liquidate a Business
Business shut down checklist

imagine your store looking like this

Retail Liquidation in process
How to properly close a business?

With long lines of customers and minimal discounts (See Video)

And looking like this after your Retail Business Closing Sale

Store Liquidation
Steps to closing a business