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Know the To Do's and Steps to Closing a Retail Store Business

Retail Sales PRO provides strategic planning and implementation, signs, support, and more – designed to increase your retail liquidation sales and profits QUICKLY…all INCLUDED with our services. Each activity has defined steps and processes to it.

  • Innovative sales techniques.
  • Implementation of a social media strategy to attract customers and LOWER your marketing budget.
  • Point-of-sale promotion materials.
  • Custom signs.
  • Unlimited guidance, training, and support from professional liquidation experts.
  • State-of-the-art media techniques.
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what to do to close a business?

Store Closing Consultant
Travis Walker is the leading Store Closing Sale Consultant in the US

Although my company Retail Sales PRO offers store closing consulting services to independent retailers, I decided several years ago to take the time to document every single step of the liquidation process.

Write down how I facilitate and conduct a store closing, retirement or going out of business sale for my clients, and put it in a book.

That didn’t go over well with the “other guys” in the market offering similar services to my company. Likely because I started selling TONS of these books and costing them some business.

The marketing systems we build and deploy for you are proven and designed to establish maximum exposure at minimum costs for your out of business sale.

We focus constantly on YOUR bottom line.

Guaranteed To Work in Any Economy.

Is the economy putting a pinch on your business and lifestyle?

Regardless of the economy, feelings of disappointment, or questions you may have about the future, the Retail Sales PRO™ innovative approach to marketing and promoting your business sale can help you pay all your debts, eliminate stress, and create peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter where your store is located or the type of inventory you have, we can help.

As long as you have a winning attitude, are coachable, and want only the very best results.

Most of the going out of business sale we conduct can produce up to 15% or more of your inventory cost in RETAIL sales on the first day alone at nominal discounts, so you can see just how powerful our marketing strategies are.

Put a smile on your face. You’ll have powerful technology invisibly working hard for you in the background, while a highly skilled Retail Sales PRO™ is on site managing the system, educating you and your staff, and implementing some ingenuity along the way.

During our initial phone consultation I will get to know you and your situation in greater detail.

We will then tell you EXACTLY what our fees will be for your Sale, so there won’t be any surprises down the road. Still have questions about store liquidation process, book your Free Consultation.

Liquidation Secrets Revealed Book
Steps to take when closing a business

My innovative approach to a store closing sale comes from years of intense study and coaching from some of the brightest marketing minds on the planet.

This serves as the foundation for the confidence I have with my retail liquidation process and systems.

They have been proven many times over and they’re highly effective.

So if you’re experiencing…No cash flow, Stagnant Sales, Little or No Profits, Excess Inventory, Fierce Competition get in touch.

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