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How to Advertise and Earn the Highest Profits from a GoB Sale?

Just imagine your GOB store looking like this

Store Going Out of Business Sale
Store Closing and Liquidation Sale signs

With long lines of customers and minimal discounts

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And looking like this after your big GOB sale is over

Store Liquidation
The best GOB sale advertising strategy

Anyone can close a retail store with a sale that’s been slapped together with a few sign. Or even possibly an under qualified “consultant” thrown into the mix.

However very few can close a retail store quickly, efficiently, and profitably in a few short weeks, all while ensuring your reputation remains in tact.

THIS is what separates Retail Sales PRO from the “other guys”.

Assuming I feel it’s a good fit to work together after an initial consultation, and assuming you’re not price shopping, then I’ll give you a verbal estimate of my fees and also your estimated advertising budget to squeeze every ounce of profit out of your inventory and assets.

Once we have a signed agreement and deposit, my team and I immediately get to work for you.

It’s VERY important to note that 90% or more of the success of a store closing sale we conduct for you takes place BEFORE your sale even starts!

If you take the time to interview the “other guys” they will tell you the opposite.

It’s simply not true.

The foundation of your store closing sale, just like the foundation of a tall building, is pivotal to the success of it.

And that is why we require at least 4-6 weeks of planning and preparation before launching your closing sale.

The “other guys” will tell you that you can start your sale in as little as 2 weeks.

RUN the other direction as fast as you can if you hear this.

Retail Liquidation Process
Going Out of Business Sale Signage

Some projects require more time and thought than others, and this is dependent on what I’ve learned from private consultations with me.

For example, do you have a sizable mailing list that you have nurtured and communicated with regularly?

If the answer is no, then I have to invest more time in the process of liquidation planning to ensure the job gets done for your maximum profit.

Do you have a social media presence and do you post an ENGAGING mix of content and communicate with your fans?

If the answer is not, then I have to invest more time to ensure the job gets done for your maximum profit.

And these are just two examples.

There are literally dozens of other factors I consider when determining how I can deliver you the best possible results.

I offer onsite consulting, phone/email consulting, and what I call “hybrid” consulting, which simply means onsite consulting for the launch of your store closing sale.

After our consultation call I’ll give you my suggestion of what I feel would be best with your circumstances.

But for obvious reasons if I do onsite consulting it’s going to have a higher cost than if we agree to phone/email consulting.

Once we have established that you are looking for the VERY best solution that puts you in the best possible situation to PROFIT and walk away with your reputation still in tact, then we can discuss pricing options.

Every consulting plan I offer is customized, based on your unique circumstances, and this is why my fees vary.

Regardless of which type of consulting package I feel is best for your situation, your sale will be guided and coordinated by me and my specialized team to ensure you get the very best results.

Usually at this point the first question people ask me is, “How much is it going to cost?” to which I usually respond, “Depends on whether you hire Retail Sales PRO or one of the other guys”.

I’m very consistent and open about the fact that if you’re looking for the cheapest solution to closing your store and going out of business, then you are 100% better off going to the “other guys”.

They specialize in over promising and under delivering on how to get out of retail, from what I have researched and from what I have learned from their “consultants” that have practically begged me to hire them over the years.

Unheard of 150% Risk Free Guarantee so you have ZERO to lose.

Travis Walker Signature

Travis Walker
Founder, Retail Sales PRO

“When NO OTHER consultant or company in this field offers a 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE for their store closing services, then why on earth would I offer it?

It’s because of my 20+ year track record of DOCUMENTED success with systems I’ve created that have been fully endorsed by CELEBRATED RETAIL EXPERTS!

It’s also because I have successfully implemented these same systems with DOZENS of retailers in 23 different retail categories and from around the world helping them generate over $50,000,000 in sales.”

(All Communications are 100% Confidential)

Liquidate a Business
Retail Store GOB

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