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How to close a retail store? “The ultimate store closing guide” - liquidation secrets revealed book

Liquidation Secrets Revealed Book
Tell All Book - Liquidation Secrets Revealed
Store Closing Consultant

It’s not easy making the decision to close or liquidate your business.

I get that.

That’s why I wrote this book, based on OVER 20 years of “in the trenches” work with independent retailers just like you who are ready to close their stores.

But want to understand the process and procedures first for closing a retail store business.

My name is Travis Walker, and I literally grew up in retail.

My father used to work for Sam Walton before Wal-Mart ever existed, so I’ve always proudly called myself the “Son of a Sam Walton Disciple.

After watching what happened to my father when he decided to close his stores after almost 20 years, I decided I had to stand up and fight.

So I became a store closing consultant to independent retailers in the same situation.

He chose the cheapest solution instead of the RIGHT solution, and it ended up being the most costly decision he ever made.

My book, Liquidation Secrets Revealed is the cumulative knowledge I’ve gained over 2 decades of helping independent retailers like you efficiently, quickly, and profitably close their stores, while maintaining their reputation.

Get answers to questions like how long does it take to close a retail store, how you prepare, what things to keep in mind etc.

This book goes into explicit detail, step-by-step.

  • A-Z on the exact STORE CLOSING and retail liquidation procedures and processes I continue to implement for clients to this day.
  • The proven steps to closing a retail business highly profitably.
  • With your purchase you’ll receive a digital copy of the book immediately via email, then within a few days a physical, hard bound copy (inside US only).

I’ll even sign it with a personal note for you.

After reading it, if you would still like help, then let me know and I’ll gladly apply 150% of the purchase price to one of my store closing consulting packages.

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The time tested process of profitably closing a retail store

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Liquidation Secrets Revealed Book
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