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*All communications kept 100% confidential. This is a No Obligation Consultation. You may need around 5-7 mins to complete the questionnaire.

By completing the questionnaire below in it’s entirety, you will be providing me with valuable information I need to have an in depth store closing consultation with you…a conversation about your situation and how I may be able help you…

I’ll be asking you many in depth questions about your business on the questionnaire, so it will be advantageous for you to be as thorough as possible when answering the questions, and give me the opportunity to fully assess the information before we talk.

After you have completed it, I will contact you DIRECTLY about your situation.  Not a sales rep, not an assistant…me.

When you have a car problem you hire an automotive pro.  When you have a plumbing problem you hire a plumbing pro. When you have an electrical problem you hire an electrical pro.  Right now, you’re having a retail problem so you’re doing the best thing by contacting a Retail Sales Pro™.

It’s important you know, before even starting this questionnaire, that my services are different from the rest who think of it as just liquidation. I know the emotional challenges you are likely facing right now, and I’m focused solely on the success of your Store Closing Sale (remember, small or big you get ONE shot at this type of Sale).

The best advice I could ever give you is to research some of other people or companies who charge you less and don’t care about your success as much as I do.

I strive to make every one of my clients 100% satisfied, and I do that by doing EVERYTHING in my power to ensure success for you!

We may not end up working together, but I know that if we do…then a solid foundation begins with the first conversation we have together.

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