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Retail Business Exit Strategy

Liquidate Your business for closing

How a Business Liquidation Company helps you Most Effectively Close with Maximum Profits? It’s probably a fair assumption that since your reading this article, one or more of the following is applicable to you, a small retail business owner. You’re broke. You’re on the way to being broke. Need more cash flow. Your business is …

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Help closing a Business with Debts

Closing a Business with Debts

Things to Know if you are Thinking of Closing Your Retail business running into debts? Just one more season may not help. The biggest lie that many independent retailers tell themselves is this: “I’m going through just one more season and I know I can turn things around”. I am here to tell you – …

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Things Independent Retailers should be aware of

Talk of Recession Looms

The struggles Independent store owners are facing in the changed times The gulf between the businesses showing a profit and those losing money daily is expected to widen dramatically. Companies like Target, Walmart, Lowes and Dollar General that most times are in direct competition with Independent stores have been posting great profits and will be …

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