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Deciding to close your store? You shouldn’t do it on your own

Payroll Tsunami what it means to Independent Retail Owners

I can advise you on how to close your business profitability even during a bleak climate.

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So if you are a business owner deciding to retire, keep this is mind

You shouldn’t close your retail business on your own and you shouldn’t “price shop”. 

Why? Two reasons.

First is like no other sale you have ever had.

You will need highly specialized knowledge and a system to do it profitably.

I have over 20+ years experience and a proven profit system with Retail Sales PRO.

Second, due to many stores closing the market is being flooded by failed store owners who now want to help you with your store.

People that couldn’t successfully run their own business now want to help you with yours.

Bad idea. You pay for what you get and in working with me you get a true store closing specialist with many happy client videos listed on my site.

The storm is coming, if it hasn’t reached you yet. Make sure you are prepared.

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This storm isn’t going away anytime soon.

As a matter of fact Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon threw out a challenge to all retailers to up the ante to $16.00 an hour minimum wage if you can believe it.

Walmart, Target and Costco are all falling in line with the increase.

Many Independent Retail Owners react to changing laws which increased expenses like this by cutting hours and eliminating jobs, taking on more and more responsibility themselves.

  • The thing they started to gain more freedom has actually cost them their freedom.
  • If you are reading this and sitting there nodding your head thinking “this is me”, then we should talk.

We can get on the phone and you can tell me about your situation and we can find a great personalized strategy for you to exit your business profitably and with your head held high.

A word of warning should you decide to close your store.

Just imagine…your store looking like this

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With long lines of customers and minimal discounts